David Blackwell to Speak at Storage Expo 2016


The “State of Storage” to be Presented at Storage Expo 2017

Highly respected Self Storage industry professional, David Blackwell will be one of the guest speakers at Storage Expo 2017 to be held on the Gold Coast at Sea World Convention Centre on March 16th and 17th

Blackwell is a senior partner at Urbis Property, specialising in property valuation and appraisals.www.storageexpo.com.au

He is an industry veteran, a past SSAA Chairman and is responsible for leading the collection of Self Storage industry data for Self Storage. He has been collecting and publishing data for Self Storage for over 12 years.

Self Storage is a multi-billion dollar business and value of Self Storage property and the options owners have to finance and grow their business has changed in recent times, with banks and financiers taking much more interest in Self Storage.

The “State of Storage” to be Presented at Storage Expo 2017

David will outline how your “Digital Real Estate” impacts on your valuation of your Self Storage business. Over the last 2 years, some operators have enjoyed larger valuations because of their attention to their online presence.

Larger operators have ramped up their online marketing and this does affect the value of your Self Storage property.

He will also present a snapshot of where he sees Self Storage in terms of growth and occupancy, using his collected Urbis data. Are we

If you are an owner this presentation alone is worth the admission price, it’s essential for owners to keep up to date with their investment in Self Storage, often their Self Storage site is their entire commercial investment.

There are major factors controlling value and David will provide valuable insight into these variables that control value.

Site optimisation and determining when is the best time to sell is critical to realise the value in Self Storage. The nature of the business is capital intensive – return on capital should be a focus for all operators and some operators are leading the way to increased profits with value in digital real estate.

Do not miss this special presentation from David Blackwell. Non-SSAA members may not have heard David speak before and it’s a great opportunity for you to update your knowledge of contemporary valuation issues.

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