Meet with the Self Storage Industry's Leaders at Storage Expo 2016

Meet with industry experts

Meet with the Self Storage Industry’s Leaders at Storage Expo 2016

Where else would you get to see the industry’s leading Self Storage suppliers and speakers at this time of the year without traveling overseas?

The answer is at Storage Expo 2016. On February 25th to 26th we will have the leading Self Storage suppliers and speakers in Australia all in one place for you to be able to discuss your latest needs and moreover the latest technology for Self Storage operators.

Come and see the latest offerings from the very best Self Storage Industry suppliers.  Normally there is no opportunity to see what Self Storage industry suppliers have to offer all in one place in the early part of the year and if you are new to Self Storage or have never attended a Self Storage convention or conference then Storage Expo 2016 is your ideal opportunity to meet with industry best suppliers.

Meet with the Self Storage Industry’s Leaders at Storage Expo 2016

What is the best way to secure my facility? What is the latest trend in locking technology?  Do I have to build Self Storage units or can I use portable units?  How do I design my Self Storage facility to maximize income?  What Self Storage Management software do I use?  What sort of a website do I need to build my business?  Is my Self Storage facility safe and do I comply with WHS requirements?  What are my alternative funding Solutions?  If I have a two-story facility what sort of a lift do I need? How do I sell my facility?

All of these questions and hundreds of others can be answered by our trade show suppliers and speakers who will be on hand to answer your questions and show you their latest product offerings

Storage Expo 2016 is the only trade show for Self Storage in Queensland in 2016.

We will have not only leading American Self Storage specialists speaking at our Storage expo 2016 but trade show suppliers who between them have the industry’s most experienced in developing building managing and securing Self Storage, We will have finance experts and we’ll even have a WHS consultant to ensure your Self Storage facility is a safe as it can be.

Book today to visit Storage Expo 2016,  We are bringing you speakers from not only in Australia but overseas with the latest insight into Self Storage practices like Joe Doyle, arguably Australian best specialist Self Storage trainer and Paul Darden, the leader of the influential Self Storage Think Tank in the US. Their guidance will you to help you make more money in Self Storage.

Our special accommodation deal expires this Friday so if you’re going to come to Storage Expo 2016 then this is the week that you must book to take advantage of Sea World Nara Resort’s special accommodation package which is not available to members of the general public.

Self Storage faces challenges in 2016 from increased competition to changes in consumer demand .The only opportunity to hear from the industry’s best speakers on Self Storage opportunity , financing , management , web strategies and much more.

We will line up the experts and you can ask them the hard questions like: “Why does Self Storage facilities discount so much?, How do I complete in a tough market?  is Self Storage getting more popular?  Should I sell my facility now?  How do I increase business when the guy down the road discounts?”  These are just some of the hard questions they are experts will answer.

Don’t miss out, register for Storage Expo 2016 today. Storage Expo 2016 is jam packed with 2 days of total Self Storage content, all designed to assist Self Storage investors, owners, manages and more to learn more about the Self Storage industry.

Book today as the accommodation special will expire this Friday.


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